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Christmas “Spag Bol” Cakes!

That’s a whopper of a photo!!  Here’s the afore-mentioned FIRST Christmas Cake. (Or was it more of a  ‘hit and miss, good luck, cross my fingers it doesn’t do a runner on the way out of the tin’ cake?)  Content … Continue reading

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Baking Life … for real….

Firstly, thanks to my little sis for being the first of my blog readers!  Secondly, the cakes seemed to go down a treat at school.  I did, however, admit to overcooking my chocolate cakes.  Is honesty the best policy?  Who … Continue reading

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The decision to bake these and then blog about it came from reading the ‘Bake-a-Boo’ book.  Inspired, I baked away, photographed (on a new phone that I have no idea how to use and simply guessed!) and then blogged. I … Continue reading

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New to blogging…

So, here I foray into the world of baking blogging …  ‘blaking’??  Today’s cakes are a treat.  Four types, to be shared in the staff room at work, as a birthday gift.  Banana muffins, bitter chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes … Continue reading

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