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Goats Cheese Balls…

I don’t really like goat’s cheese very much but these looked so pretty in Lorraine Pascale’s book ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’ – that I decided to make them for our Christmas Eve buffet.  I used a 350g packet of cheese, rolled … Continue reading

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Aubergine curry – gluten/wheat free…

Aubergine Curry. What can I say?  Dad first introduced me to this beauty by Madhur Jaffrey but I’ve tweaked it somewhat since.  Firstly to improve the shockingly-bad-for-you-clot-inducing-fat-content, but also to deepen the flavour to appeal to a more ‘British Curry … Continue reading

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Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.  Perfect birthday cupcakes too, for a boy of 10 years old who didn’t want a proper cake!  The recipe will follow shortly, but can be found on I have converted it into metric, … Continue reading

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Christmas Cakes 2011

  Ok, told you I’d post my Christmas Cakes when they were finished!  Thanks to Mich Turner of (Little Venice Cake Company)… I completely copied the design but it was my first, so I wanted the reassurance of good … Continue reading

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Thai Vegetable Soup

So, it’s Saturday and we got up late.  So late, I missed the beginning of Saturday Kitchen – BOO!  Anyway, where Saturday would normally be my ‘baking day’, we’d already decided that it was to be the pre-Christmas spring clean … Continue reading

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  Brownies = (in England) a cult girls club, a bit like the the Famous Five, the Secret Seven (except lots more of them, with a uniform and without their own private island full of smugglers), or the Freemasons.  By … Continue reading

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