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Ginger Biscuits

This is a blast from the past, isn’t it?  Everybody (in the UK, anyway), has fond memories of the ginger biscuit. “Oh my God.  This takes me back,” proclaimed D, mouthful of crumbs. “I love these.” I think about my … Continue reading

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Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Right, I KNOW that this soup has the colour of polyfiller.  Or plaster.  Or even porridge. “What’s that Moo?” “Roasted cauliflower soup.” “Oh.  For a minute there, I thought you had a bowl of … erm …grey?!” I DO assure … Continue reading

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Biskits (Basic Biscuit)

I make no apology for the quality of the following photograph.  My class were having a ‘Cakes and Bakes’ sale to raise money for their Summer Term Swimming Lessons.  Here are their ‘BISKITS’ ! They used REAL electronic scales, REAL … Continue reading

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Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake Cake

This is a really simple, really easy but REALLY tasty Lemon Drizzle cake.  It was baked for a school cake sale: a ten inch square tray bake, sliced into cup-of-tea sized pieces.  It has two finishing touches; a sponge-drenching syrup … Continue reading

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Tiramisu Entremet – Final Reveal!

So, here’s the completed Entremet, all complete with Cocoa Glace on top. Here’s the recipe for the glace: Cocoa/Coffee (Coffoa?? Glace) 1 1/2 tsp gelatin powder / 2 leaves gelatin / 2 tsp agar-agar powder 60 ml (1/4 cup) double … Continue reading

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Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 4/5) Dacquoise/Baileys Mousse

Right, let’s make no bones about this, I didn’t even know what Dacquoise was until I read Lisa’s blog!  Luckily, I now know it to be an almond (or hazelnut) meringue!  Isn’t that posh?  I love all this fancy-pants … Continue reading

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Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 3) – Coffee Genoise

Genoise is a light Italian cake, named after it’s birthplace, Genoa. This was to be the third layer of my Entremet.  Genoise is a feathery, airy sponge (imagine if I’d accidentally added an ‘h’ before ‘airy’ – lol, that would … Continue reading

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Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 2) – Ganache Layer

So, the Biscuit Joconde Imprime is setting nicely in the freezer.  You want it nice and hard as the next part of the entremet is layering the wet stuff and we all know what happens if you dump a load … Continue reading

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Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet…

Before I launch into this MASSIVE culinary/patisserie challenge, I have a few shout-outs to do here.  Firstly, the inspiration and desire to attempt this complicated dessert came from one of my favourite bloggers:  I LOVE EVERYTHING this lady does; … Continue reading

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Doughnuts (Donuts) – A Step by Step Guide

I promised I would attempt a ‘step-by-step’ guide to some of the recipes I put on here, so please forgive any shoddy photography, but here goes.  Yesterday was ‘Dusk of the Doughnuts’.  This morning has been ‘Dawn of the Doughnuts’. … Continue reading

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