Zombie-Boy Doughnut Chocolate Icing Fest… 12-02-12

Oh, you knew it.  The Dusk of the Doughnut. Somewhere in the distance, you could hear it.  It was coming…  (cue scary music).  12-02-12.  The day of the Doughnut Eating Chocolate Zombie Boy.  Hell yeah.  “He can munch his way through a hundred at a time!!!” screamed the terrified public.  “He’d eat a whole one. IN ONE GO!”

We made doughnuts today.  Let’s just say it was baths all round after they’d finished.  Two boys and their dad, except their dad managed to stay reasonably clean (we’ve left the bath water in for him though JUST IN CASE). The younger zombie-boy managed to munch his way through two giant doughnuts smothered in chocolate sauce and icing.  Technically, it was chocolate ganache, but somehow that seems a bit posh for “MANIAC DOUGHNUT EATER FROM MARS”, so we called it sauce.  Just plain and simple.  Zombie sauce.  Zombies due to the savage munching, sauce covered faces and wild eyed look as those doughnuts were anni-hi-lated!
Thanks to http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2011/07/29/buttermilk-doughnuts/ for the recipe!  I will post a step-by-step recipe tomorrow, but we didn’t have time to do ‘blog-styleeee’ photos today, due to tea-time descending so quickly upon us.
The Doughnut Eating Chocolate Zombie Boy:
The doughnuts, frying:
The doughnuts.  Or is it donuts?



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A sewing and baking addict, vegetarian animal-lover, teacher. And an avid music fan...all the wrong sorts of music. Hence the blog was nearly called 'Hot Cake' after The Fall's song.
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