Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 3) – Coffee Genoise

Genoise is a light Italian cake, named after it’s birthplace, Genoa. This was to be the third layer of my Entremet.  Genoise is a feathery, airy sponge (imagine if I’d accidentally added an ‘h’ before ‘airy’ – lol, that would have put you off!) that uses very little additional fat, taking most of it’s fat from egg yolks.  Some recipes call for the addition of a little melted butter at the end, for flavour.
The method of beating air into the eggs and sugar over a warm  bowl sounded easy – until I realised that although I now have a KMIX, you cannot put a KMIX over a small warm saucepan on a gas hob!  Sadly, my £6 electric hand mixer gave up the ghost just before Christmas so it was down to brute strength and some sheer arm stamina. OWCH! Five solid minutes of whisking.
D – “What you making?  Scrambled egg?”
Moo – “Grrrrr.”
I have to say, I was not confident in making this sponge.  Even after it had come out of the oven, I didn’t trust it. I can only describe it as looking ‘wet’.  So, I poked a hole in it to have a look!!  Oh dear…. stupid Moo!  I even wiggled my cocktail stick around, ferreting for some resemblance to the usual Madeira-type texture!  Should I start again? It wouldn’t take too long…
D – “I need to come and start that curry now.” (We were having a birthday cooking session, although by now it was 3 p.m and D was on a mission to begin his Kitchen Annihilation Madras Curry…. 🙂 )
Moo – “Grrrrrrrrr.”
Too late to make another.
Oh well, once cooled it looked fine and I had a fine crater for my coffee syrup.  Cue some appropriate music – ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana?

Coffee Genoise Sponge
45 g self raising flour
1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
10 g instant coffee granules
3 eggs
75 g caster sugar
30 g melted butter
Coffee Syrup – water, coffee, sugar, equal parts (I used 1 tbsp of each)

* Preheat oven to 190 degrees C / 375 degrees.  Sift flour and cocoa powder.

Sift flour and cocoa.

* Place a heatproof bowl over a small pan of gently simmering water.  Into it, add the eggs and the sugar.  Whisk constantly until the mixture is lukewarm.

Whisk eggs and sugar over a pan of simmering water until it’s lukewarm.

* Remove the bowl from the pan and continue to whip until the mixture is cold. (Around 5 minutes).  It will become lighter and paler.

Whip until cool.

* Fold in the dry ingredients (including the coffee) and then fold in the melted butter.  Line a 6 inch round cake tin and pour the mixture in.  Bake for 7 minutes, or until cooked.  (I tried the ‘skewer test’ but it kept coming out with mixture on, so I’m assuming this doesn’t work with Genoise!)

Bake in a cake tin, for 7 minutes or until done.

* When cooked, cool and turn out onto a cooling rack.  I split mine very carefully for addition to the Entremet, as I felt it was a little too bulky when it came out.
* In a pan, boil the coffee, water and sugar until you have a light syrup.  Cool, then pour over the Genoise.  Leave to cool whilst you move on to the Dacquoise.  Cut to fit the tin when ready to add to the Entremet.
(Insert picture of completed Genoise. Again!)

Coffee Genoise

OOH LA LA!  Or should that be MAMMA MIA!

Tomorrow : Dacquoise


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A sewing and baking addict, vegetarian animal-lover, teacher. And an avid music fan...all the wrong sorts of music. Hence the blog was nearly called 'Hot Cake' after The Fall's song.
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One Response to Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 3) – Coffee Genoise

  1. frau84 says:

    How could you eat this after all this hard work, grit, sweat, tears and blood.. ok, got a bit carried away there. Mmmmmmmm, bet is tastes soooooooooo good though xxx

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