Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet (Part 4/5) Dacquoise/Baileys Mousse

Right, let’s make no bones about this, I didn’t even know what Dacquoise was until I read Lisa’s blog! 
Luckily, I now know it to be an almond (or hazelnut) meringue!  Isn’t that posh?  I love all this fancy-pants patisserie, it’s exciting!
Just to keep you on your toes, here’s a little taster of the nearly completed Entremet.  (Insert disclaimer for the final photographs which will appear tomorrow.  DISCLAIMER:  creative photography alert, to hide some of the ‘piecing’ of the Joconde sponge!)

A quick sneaky peek of the nearly finished Entremet.....

40 g (1/3 cup) ground almonds
50 g (1/2 cup) icing sugar (confectioner’s sugar)
2 large egg whites
1 tbsp caster sugar

* Trace a circle onto a piece of parchment paper to fit the size of your Entremet.  Mine was 6 inches.
* In a bowl, mix the almonds and icing sugar.

Mix almond flour and icing sugar.

* In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks.  Then add the caster/granulated sugar until the mixture is nice and glossy and forms stiff peaks.

Beat until stiff, glossy peaks are formed.

* Using a spatula, fold the almond/icing sugar mixture into the egg whites.  Spread the meringue onto the parchment circle.  Make it quite thick.  I only used about 3/4 of the mixture.  Bake in the oven for 20 minutes on 190 degrees C / 375 degrees F until light brown and firm.  Turn the oven off but leave the Dacquoise in there for an hour to ‘dry out’.



When it has cooled, the Dacquoise will peel off the parchment easily and an be placed into the Entremet.

Bailey’s Mousse
2 large eggs
33 g (1/3 cup) caster sugar
175 ml (3/4 cup) extra thick double cream (heavy cream)
30 ml (1/8 cup) Bailey’s Irish Cream
170 g (1 cup PLUS 2 tbsp) milk chocolate, chopped

* Whisk the eggs and sugar together over a pan of gently simmering water.  Whisk for 5 minutes continuously.  Remove the bowl from the water and whisk on high speed (electric hand mixer/free standing mixer or brute strength) until the bowl becomes cool to the touch.  (About 10 minutes)
* Whilst beating the egg/sugar mixture, melt the chocolate and cool it to lukewarm.

Melt chocolate.

* In a separate bowl, beat the cream and Bailey’s together until you get stiff peaks.  (Now, I struggled with this and twice ended up with ‘cottage cheese’.  In the end, I gave up and just used cream).

Beat cream and Baileys.

* Pour the melted chocolate into the whipped eggs.  Fold until blended.  Then fold in the whipped cream mixture.  Fold REALLY carefully so as not to lose the air in your mousse.

Fold in chocolate and cream carefully.


* When completed, chill for 20 minutes, then pour into the Entremet mould.  Immediately place the whole thing in the freezer.

So, your Entremet should have the following layers so far:
– Biscuit Joconde
– Chocolate Ganache
– Coffee Genoise
– Dacquoise
– Chocolate Mousse

Entremet, Dacquoise (background) ready to go in, then mousse to go over the Dacquoise.

Tomorrow – Cocoa Glace and COMPLETED Biscuit Joconde Imprime Entremet 




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