Syn-Free Sweetcorn and Coriander Soup

Syn-Free Sweetcorn Soup

Recently, I bought the Slimming World book ‘Slimming World’s Free Foods’.  This is not because I think I need to diet – more so because the recipes look delicious.  Everyone tries to eat reasonably healthily these days I think, and with belts tightening for everybody, eating healthily on a restricted budget can sometimes seem a bit daunting.  Especially when you love cooking and see all of these stunning recipes on sites like Foodgawker, Food Buzz etc.  I’d LOVE to eat asparagus and purple carrots every day.  I’d love to create fancy salads full of ice-dipped fennel, marbled tomatoes, yellow courgette flowers and home-grown horse radish.  I’d love to cook Michelin-Star dishes that require seven different types of mushroom and a truffle sauce.  Sorry, jus.  Or is that foam??
Don’t shoot me down here, clearly being a vegetarian means my food is cheaper than somebody who likes a good fillet steak.  However, eating fresh can sometimes stretch the purse. And the clock… Sometimes we don’t get in until six, seven o’clock.  So, why shouldn’t we make the most of that starting-to-shrivel-pepper in the bottom of the fridge?  Why not dig out a tin of something and make something tasty with it?  Is it a crime to get something from the freezer?
What I love about this Slimming World book is that it makes low-fat, healthy food from foods you’ll have in the cupboards.  This sweetcorn soup was beautiful.  Granted, the photo’s don’t make it look as appetising as it was, but I seriously recommend this recipe.  It is slightly adapted, but I’ll give the proper recipe and the adaptions after.

Syn-Free Sweetcorn and Coriander Soup
Fry-Light (or any other low-cal spray)
6 spring onions (I used half a red onion chopped finely)
1 garlic clove
900 ml / 1&1/2 pints of vegetable stock
1 x large tin of sweetcorn (or frozen if you have it)
1/2 red pepper diced (or any other colour)
30 g mini pasta shapes (I omitted the pasta as I didn’t have it and I added 1/2 sweet potato diced and 1/4 carrot diced)
Large handful of chopped coriander
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper

* Spray a large non-stick pan with fry-light.  Add spring onions (or onions) and garlic and gently fry for 1-2 minutes.
* Pour in the stock , increase the heat and add the sweetcorn (and carrot/sweet potato, if using).  Add the red pepper.  Cover and simmer for 8 minutes.
* Add the pasta (if using), cover and simmer for a further 10 minutes.
* Add the coriander at the end of cooking and a squirt of lemon juice, along with salt and pepper to taste.
* Serve in warmed bowls.


About Scrap Kittie

A sewing and baking addict, vegetarian animal-lover, teacher. And an avid music fan...all the wrong sorts of music. Hence the blog was nearly called 'Hot Cake' after The Fall's song.
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4 Responses to Syn-Free Sweetcorn and Coriander Soup

  1. frau84 says:

    Keep these recipes coming sis, I know exactly what you mean about eating ‘fresh’ stretching the purse strings, and not getting in till after 7pm. Did you buy the slimming world book online?? I like recipes that use ‘normal’ stuff from the cupboard/fridge/freezer… and I shall give this soup a try this week ps: Can’t wait to get creative with you in the kitchen soon, miss you millions 🙂

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