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Cobweb Cakes (Chocolate Cupcakes)

Moo’s Pantry Please pop by and say hi at The more the merrier! Cobweb cakes, bad weather and broken heating… So, cobweb cakes – these were another creation for ‘Record Store Day’.  And lots of fun they were too!  Deeply … Continue reading

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Psychadelic Cakes for Hot Rats ‘Record Store Day’

Those of you who know me will know I love music.  I am in no way a ‘Muso’ – I can’t recall the name of every song on such-and-such’s third album with the alternate titles on the re-release three years … Continue reading

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English Country Crumble Cupcakes

Imagine, if you will… It’s July.  Warm sunshine bathes your face.  Bees buzz busily at fragrant lavender, softly brushing it with warm furry bodies.  Marigolds nod their heads happily in the oh-so-gentle breeze.  Poppies spring up, opportunists in the English … Continue reading

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Coconut Cake

I now have a Facebook page; please stop by and say hi!  Anyway, now for Coconut Cake! So, the weather was fine, it was just before Good Friday and my other mum and her partner had just got engaged. … Continue reading

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Exotic Fruit Entremet (and a culinary BOO)

10/10 for taste. 4/10 for appearance, although I’d accept less… 😦 This was made to celebrate my ‘other mother’, Mom 2, stepmom (although we agree that we don’t like this title, especially as she’s nothing like Cinderella’s evil stepmother and … Continue reading

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Almond, Cherry and Creme Fraiche Macarons

Look closely at the photograph. “They look like aliens, Moo.” “Whaaaat?????????????” “Cherries for eyes, cream mono-brow…” “Creme fraiche.” “Whatever – it’s still an eyebrow.” “Erm…” “And the meringuey bit is the mouth!  See?” Hmmmm.  Magic eye picture moment.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Lavender Macarons

  Is it me or do the colours look like sh1t3?  Yes, you heard…  🙂 Welcome to Moo Eleven’s March into the Masterclass that is THE MACARON. The PURPLE Macaron. (Design skills = questionable).  Macaron with a capital M. Elusive? … Continue reading

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