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Peppermint and Chocolate Battenberg

It’s been a fine, fine few days here in the North East of England. We’ve seen some spectacular weather, alongside some of the worst.  Hot and sunny or windy and raining.  A tale of two halves.  So what could be … Continue reading

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Cappuccino Squares with White Chocolate Frosting

It’s forecast for rain today. Somehow, though, with the doors open, the sun beating down, sailing boats out in the harbor, the sea lazily lapping the beach and a blue, blue sky, flecked with pillowy clouds, I can’t imagine how. … Continue reading

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Birthday Carrot Cake

What sort of cake do you make for a little sis who’s sparkly, bubbly, funny, beautiful and well-travelled? And slightly mad?!!  (JK, sis, JK!) It had to be bright and bold. It had to be carrot cake, with deliciously decadent … Continue reading

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Black Forest Gateau (The BFG)

I’ve been working REALLY hard on getting my buttercream perfectly smooth – it’s gotta be as smooth as The Fonz.  You know what I’m talking about… There’s something about a satin finish to that icing application that makes you feel … Continue reading

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Zombie Cake

Night of the Living Dead? No. I know, I know.  NOT the prettiest cake on the blog!! But, for a little boy’s seventh birthday, it had to be gross, right?  He’s obsessed with zombies, but the funny thing is, if … Continue reading

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