Halloween Skull Cake!

What did we call him? We can’t remember! Steve the Skull? Sven?

We are almost American about Halloween in our house.
We LOVE it!
“Guess what Moo?”
“Erm… what?”
“It’s all hallows eve’s ween’s weave’s weeney weeeeeeeeeeeen!”
Maybe it’s the goth in me?  Yes, that’s exactly what it is.  Some of the costumes of the Trick or Treaters were lush – I soooo wanna be young enough to want to be a witch with flowing green locks and a spooky spiderweb dress…
Anyway, it was time to make the cake…
I used a simple madeira cake recipe – the one on Lindy’s blog is great for carving.  I won’t regurgitate it here – check out Lindy’s blog.  There are some fantastic tips and techniques.
Here is Steven/Simon/Sven/Cyril???’s split brains.  Mwahhahahaaa.


Here’s the carving:

He looks like Jack from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ right here…. 🙂

I checked out some great Facebook pages that had fantastic carved skulls.  Most were made from rice krispie treats so weren’t much help in the carving BUT they looked totally fantastic and were definitely an inspiration!
Here’s one I LOVE…  Rock Cakes.  I think she’s my new cake crush!  I AM going to make a skull this brilliant one day.  Honest!  I love the use of dragees – she’s inspired me to start being a little more creative with nonpareils.  Thanks Rock Cakes!
Here’s Sven the Skull with a jaw and some eyes…

His eye and nose worms are crawling around, look… I know, you were convinced for a minute there, weren’t you?!!!

The sugarpaste was a bit tricky to cover him with – I may have rolled it a little thinly, due to my obsession with getting perfect sharp edges if I can.  Obviously, I forgot that skulls don’t have sharp edges.  Doh.
Sven worked a treat.  Or was he called Steve?  Damn.
Anyway, cue a little Fields of the Nephilim whilst creating and painting using confectioners glaze and blossom tints… After all, we WERE going to see them on October 30th!  How seriously evil… lol.

Fields of the Nephilim at Leeds 02 Academy.

Now THAT was a great gig.
But, back to Skull.  He needed detailing.  Using lots of lustre dusts, blossom tints and metallic paints, I created his eyes.  I wanted him to have a very ‘cartoon’ look, so I outlined all of his features in super-black, thinned a little with dipping solution.  (Vodka, to you and me).
Oh dear….

And again… eyeless.  Looks like a scene from a horror film.

Ooooohhhhhhh NO!

Hope you like Skull.
Wait till you see Martin Mummy.


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A sewing and baking addict, vegetarian animal-lover, teacher. And an avid music fan...all the wrong sorts of music. Hence the blog was nearly called 'Hot Cake' after The Fall's song.
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