Cherry, Almond and Swede Cake

Cherry, Almond and Swede Cake

Cherry, Almond and Swede Cake

Who doesn’t love Cherry Bakewells?  Aren’t they just so cheeky?  I imagine they were exactly what Alice ate when she saw those tiny delights with ‘Eat Me’ written on them.
Give in to temptation… go on…
Chocolate would have been so obvious.
You’ve always prided yourself on being slightly avant garde…  I bet you’re wondering how moist that almond centre would be if you bit into it, the crumbly pastry flickering down your chin.  Take another look at those cherries. Go on.   I dare you.  They’re winking at you…Open-hearted....


Do I need to say any more?
The recipe is very slightly adapted from Harry Eastwood’s ‘Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache’.
It is quite simply delicious.  And fat free.  It needs to be eaten straight away with a cup of tea – the lack of fat means it will dry out quickly compared to a sponge made with butter.

Cherry, Almond and Swede Cake
(4.5 inch tin)

110g (3/4 cup) glace cherries
1.5 eggs
80g (1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp) caster sugar
90g (2/3 cup) grated swede (Harry Eastwood uses potato – this is delicious too)
45g (just over 1/3 cup) self-raising flour
45g (just over 1/3 cup) ground almonds
1/2 tsp (scant) almond extract
a little grated lemon zest
Flaked almonds to decorate (toasted)
Icing sugar + water (to drizzle)
Jam (to fill)

* Grease and line two 4.5 inch tins (12 cm).
* Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C / 350F / gas 4.
* Chop all of the cherries in half and dust lightly with flour.
* Whisk the eggs and the sugar in a separate bowl for 5 minutes until pale and at least doubled in volume.
* Beat in the grated swede, then fold in the flour, almonds, almond extract and lemon zest.
* Pour the batter into the two tins evenly.
* Gently place the cherries into the batter – don’t press down too much.  Bake the cakes for around 20-25 mins or until an oven thermometer reads around 92-95 degrees and the cake is coming away from the sides.
* Once baked, leave the cakes to cool.  To prevent them from sinking, invert your tins!
* When cool, split the cakes and fill with jam.  (I chose NOT to split these cakes – I just filled the two halves).  A home made cherry jam is ideal!  Layer the cakes and drizzle with a simple icing sugar/water drizzle.  sprinkle with almonds.
* Serve!


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