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Glitter Cookies – Ginger, Chocolate and Orange

Oh my, what’s not to love?  The gentle aphrodisiac of ginger, the cheeky sweetness of orange and the silkiness of warm chocolate.  Perfect. There’s nothing more delicious than chunky cookies that are crisp on the outside and soft and chewy … Continue reading

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Spicy Fresh Gingerbread (for ‘Ginger Month’)

The Ginger Chronicles Is anyone else feeling the long dark days and the bitter cold of February already? Luckily, I have a fetish for fresh root ginger, so I’m designating February ‘Ginger Month’. Irresistibly soulful, gingerbread exudes that exotic warmth … Continue reading

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Wedding Favor Biscuits

I am desperate to do more sophisticated fayre… It’s lovely having kids around the house to eat the cupcakes etc, but I am so keen to move on and try my hand at something a little more demanding, but also … Continue reading

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Chocolate Whoopie Pies and Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream

Whoopie pies.  Sounds like a slip of the bottom, doesn’t it? You know – like a pump?!  However, they tasted heavenly. Like little rounds of sunshine. I don’t like the name whoopie pies – only because of the British connotations … Continue reading

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Honey and Lemon Polenta Biscuits

It’s been a while since I posted anything new here, especially recipe-wise.  I’ve been sorting out a second blog – one where I can showcase any slightly more ‘professional’ cakes and not just cakes that are ‘home-baking’.  I have lots … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Biscuits (Royal Iced Sugar Cookies)

C’mon ENG – ER – LAND!!! It’s what every dad in the land is shouting right now – second half of England vs Ukraine. So, inspired by sweetsugarbelle, this was my first attempt at Royal Iced Sugar Cookies – and … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Walnut Oaty Biscuits

Hello! You have caught me mid-birthday cake. I am up to my eyeballs in sugarpaste roses, white chocolate and 10″ cake. I’m not too impressed with the cake yet. And I feel a rant coming on… I’ve been experimenting trying … Continue reading

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Ginger Biscuits

This is a blast from the past, isn’t it?  Everybody (in the UK, anyway), has fond memories of the ginger biscuit. “Oh my God.  This takes me back,” proclaimed D, mouthful of crumbs. “I love these.” I think about my … Continue reading

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Biskits (Basic Biscuit)

I make no apology for the quality of the following photograph.  My class were having a ‘Cakes and Bakes’ sale to raise money for their Summer Term Swimming Lessons.  Here are their ‘BISKITS’ ! They used REAL electronic scales, REAL … Continue reading

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Viennese Fingers (Gluten Free)

I am not usually much of a biscuit lover – too crumby or ‘cardboardy’, if you know what I mean?  I’m not saying I won’t eat them – the tin I took in to school for us to munch on … Continue reading

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