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Cherry, Almond and Swede Cake

Who doesn’t love Cherry Bakewells?  Aren’t they just so cheeky?  I imagine they were exactly what Alice ate when she saw those tiny delights with ‘Eat Me’ written on them. Give in to temptation… go on… Chocolate would have been … Continue reading

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Black Forest Gateau (The BFG)

I’ve been working REALLY hard on getting my buttercream perfectly smooth – it’s gotta be as smooth as The Fonz.  You know what I’m talking about… There’s something about a satin finish to that icing application that makes you feel … Continue reading

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Almond, Cherry and Creme Fraiche Macarons

Look closely at the photograph. “They look like aliens, Moo.” “Whaaaat?????????????” “Cherries for eyes, cream mono-brow…” “Creme fraiche.” “Whatever – it’s still an eyebrow.” “Erm…” “And the meringuey bit is the mouth!  See?” Hmmmm.  Magic eye picture moment.  I’m not … Continue reading

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