March 2012:  Killing Joke, O2 Arena Newcastle.

Killing Joke.

Killing Joke have never slotted neatly into any of the cliched rock genres.  What they are not is meek.  What they are is heart-crushingly loud, uber-tight and mesmerising.  Jazz Coleman was on form – truly the epitomy of eccentric.  Boiler-suit clad and white-eyed, he held the stage like the nightmarish child-catcher from grim Faery Tales. Geordie was as beautiful as ever, unleashing expanses of sublime metal guitar. Surely he is the White Witch of metal.  A relentless apocalyptic march, Killing Joke slew the crowd with old and new tracks blended together seamlessly, finishing with the classic ‘Love Like Blood’.  The mosh behind us made it breathless – bruised ribs, arms, knees for days after.

Feed The Bear (April 2012)
Feed The Bear = Local Sunderland band who often (oft) play at The Smugglers…are SERIOUSLY AWESOME….
They f***ing PER-FORM!  Hell Yeah!  LOOK   🙂
Feed The Bear
Groupies!!!  :

Feed The Bear



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