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Mummy Cake

Now I know it’s not Halloween!  Really, I do. But it has been mega, mega, mega busy at work and blogging feels like a luxury I just don’t have these days. Nevermind, here we are. Better late than never. This … Continue reading

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Mummy Cake Pops!

These were LOVELY to make!! I can’t say they were copied/inspired/taken from anyone in particular – they were an accumulation of internet image searches for mummy cakes!  There were some really, really cute ones, despite how scary they were meant … Continue reading

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Halloween Skull Cake!

We are almost American about Halloween in our house. We LOVE it! “Guess what Moo?” “Erm… what?” “It’s all hallows eve’s ween’s weave’s weeney weeeeeeeeeeeen!” Maybe it’s the goth in me?  Yes, that’s exactly what it is.  Some of the … Continue reading

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